Your right to object

Patients with cancer have the right to object to the collection of their data in the cancer register at any time. An objection to registration is valid for life and throughout Switzerland. The objection can also be withdrawn at any time. Important: An objection does not affect medical treatment.

Data on cancer will be registered with the cancer registry at the earliest three months after receipt of the report. This ensures that patients have enough time to consider whether they want to make their data available to the registry.

In the event of an objection within three months of a report, the data will not be recorded, but will be destroyed immediately. In the event of an objection that is only received after this three-month period, the person’s information will be deleted immediately. Only the information on the disease remains in the registry. In both cases, no further data will be collected upon receipt of the objection. This also applies if the patient moves to another canton or develops another tumour later (objection valid throughout Switzerland and for life). It is also possible to object to the registration of cancer data as a preventive measure.

Objection procedure

The objection shall be made in writing by means of a form.

Objection form


PDF (353 KB)

The completed and signed form for objection can be sent by mail or email to a cantonal cancer registry (e.g., cancer registry in the canton of residence) or, for those under the age of 20, to the Childhood Cancer Registry.

Alternatively, the objection can also be made by signed letter (without a form). The following information is mandatory for this: last name and first name, address, date of birth, OASI number and date of objection. Information on the reasons for the objection is voluntary.

The objection to the registration of cancer data is confirmed in writing by the responsible cantonal cancer registry.

Detailed information on patient rights

Detailed information on patient rights can also be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Patient rights in cancer registration