Statistics and reports

In Switzerland, key figures on cancer are published by multiple actors and institutions. The National Agency for Cancer Registration provides the data for this, which is collected on the basis of the Cancer Registration Act in the cantonal cancer registries and evaluated on a population basis. The National Agency for Cancer Registration also evaluates data itself, for example, the key figures on prevalence or results in the context of health reporting.

Evaluations and publications

The data collected in the cancer registries are used for various evaluations and publications. 

The aims of the analyses according to the Cancer Registration Act are

  • To monitor the development of cancer
  • To develop and implement prevention and screening measures and check their effectiveness
  • To evaluate the quality of care, diagnosis and treatment
  • To support supply planning and research

The Federal Statistical Office, the National Agency for Cancer Registration (NACR) and the Childhood Cancer Registry use the data for analyses and publications.

Concept for the evaluation and publication of cancer data

In 2020, the Federal Office of Health, together with the Federal Statistical Office, the National Cancer Registry and the Childhood Cancer Registry, published a concept for the evaluation and publication of cancer data. This includes the basic aspects of the preparation, evaluation and publication of data or information on cancer in Switzerland after the entry into force of the Cancer Registration Act. 

The concept describes the implementation of three sub-concepts: 

  • National cancer statistics with annual cancer monitoring and a cancer report every five years
  • Health reporting on cancer every three years
  • The provision of further statistical results and basic information annually or on request

Other reports and statistics

Other reports, such as on the methodology of evaluations or on the quality of cancer registry data, as well as further links on the subject, can be found in the download area.

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