Basic reports

Basic reports include concepts for publishing and evaluating, quality reports as well as method descriptions for analysing cancer registry data. This background information serves to provide transparent information on cancer registry data, to use and evaluate the data in a standardised manner, and to interpret the results correctly. 

Concepts for the evaluation and publication of cancer data

In 2020, the Federal Office of Health, together with the Federal Statistical Office, the National Agency for Cancer Registration and the Childhood Cancer Registry, published a concept for the evaluation and publication of cancer data. This includes the basic aspects of the preparation, evaluation and publication of data or information on cancer in Switzerland after the entry into force of the Cancer Registration Act. 

Evaluation methods

In 2022, the National Agency for Cancer Registration, the Childhood Cancer Registry and the Federal Statistical Office published a report on the statistical methods used in Switzerland for reporting cancer.

The report discusses the different methods used to calculate incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence. It also describes the data sources used to identify cancer cases in different age groups, including children, adolescents and adults. Both passive and active methods for monitoring vital status are discussed.