Health reporting

Health reporting on cancer (GBE) answers current health policy questions about cancer. The National Agency for Cancer Registration (NACR) and the Childhood Cancer Registry (ChCR) are responsible for the GBE. The GBE will be published every three years starting in 2024. The target groups for the GBE include people in science, clinical practice and politics, as well as the interested public. Differentiated analyses and descriptions of the health situation and the care of certain population and patient groups provide important bases for recommendations to decision-makers and other actors. 

GBE 2024 addresses the risk of a second tumour in people who have previously had a tumour. Due to improved diagnostic capabilities and advances in cancer treatment, the chances of survival for most cancers are increasing. As a result, the number of cancer survivors in Switzerland is increasing. However, cancer survivors have an increased risk of developing a second tumour, either in the same organ or in another organ system.

The GBE 2024 is designed to provide knowledge about the risk of second tumours and their relationship with the first tumour in order to enable targeted follow-up and treatment for cancer survivors.