The cancer registries record confirmed diagnoses of cancer, pre-cancerous tumours and certain benign tumours (e.g. in the brain). 

All data recorded by the cancer registries are regularly updated or compared, for example, with the resident registry (personal data, place of residence for clarifying responsibility), with screening programs (participation, diagnosis), with the Central Compensation Office (insurance number, vital status), with the Federal Statistical Office (causes of death) or with hospitals (diagnosis lists).

Personal information collected

  • Last name, first name
  • Address and municipality number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Sex
  • Marital status and nationality
  • Insurance number (OASI number)

The information collected about a person, such as their name, address and OASI number, is important in order to register data correctly and to avoid recording information twice, such as if a patient is undergoing treatment in another canton or if the physician changes. Before the data is forwarded to the National Agency for Cancer Registration, references to the person (name, address, OASI number) are removed.

Information collected on tumour and treatment

  • What type of tumour is it?
  • How far has the tumour spread?
  • When and how was the tumour diagnosed?
  • When and how was the tumour treated?
  • How does the disease progress?

Additional information collected for breast, intestinal or prostate tumours 

  • Are there other diseases that could affect treatment?
  • Are there known predispositions that indicate an increased risk of tumour?

Additional information collected on children and adolescents (younger than 20 years)

  • Are there other diseases or predispositions that are important in tumour development, prognosis and treatment?
  • How well did the treatments work?
  • Were there any delayed effects due to the treatments?

Additional information collected in the event of death

If someone dies, the date of death and cause of death are also recorded. This is done in any case – regardless of whether the death was related to the tumour.